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Sweet Corn

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Winning the Corn Olympics
Corn is easily grown by sowing it directly into the ground. This is the simplest, most logical way to grow corn. But if you're in a race to be the first in your neighborhood with sweet corn, try this trick. Since corn needs a much warmer temperature to germinate than it does to grow, start the seeds indoors and then transplant them into the garden the minute you see the sprouts emerge. This must be done immediately, since the little seedlings grow quickly and can easily become potbound.
Space Saver
In July or August, after the corn crop is well on its way toward harvest time, set out some broccoli transplants in between the rows. The shade cast by the cornstalks will help keep the broccoli from going to seed in hot weather. After the corn has been picked, cut the stalks down and turn the space over to the broccoli, which will bear a nice fall crop. A bean crop would work also, but choose a bush variety. Vining beans will climb all over the corn plants and fell them like timber.
Cooking Tip:
Uncanny Creamed Corn

Why do most people think creamed corn always comes in a can? You’ll never touch that sweet, gummy stuff again after you’ve tried creaming fresh corn. Just cut the kernels off the cob and simmer them in cream until the kernels are cooked and the cream has reduced and thickened. No sugar needed!

Summer’s freshly picked Corn is to us as Madeleines were to Proust: the taste and smell that reminds us of joyful childhood summers. Direct-sow after the danger of spring frost has passed. Corn is pollinated by the wind, so plant it in blocks or circles. Harvest the ears when the silks are brown and a kernel, pinched with your fingernail, releases its sweet, milky liquid. The luscious essence-of-Corn flavor is always best right after picking. Yet, Corn freezes amazingly well: pick it, parboil for 4 minutes, dunk in ice water bath and cut the tender kernels off th cobs, making sure to catch all of the sweet corn milk. Freeze it in airtight freezer bags. Over the winter, you’ll love Crabby Corn Chowder, Creamy Corn and Fennel, Dad’s Favorite Corn Pudding, Lobster Corn Salad, Pan-Seared Scallops Atop Avacado-Corn Salad and Savory Bacon Corn Chowder.

Average seed life: 3 years

#2005 Peaches and Cream Bi-Color Sweet Corn: 80 days
These big 8″ ears have meltingly tender, extra sweet kernels that are 70% yellow and 30% white~you’ve seen it at the best farmers’ markets. It matures a bit earlier than most sugar enhanced (se) varieties, so your family’s corn mania can start earlier than ever! (F1.)

Packet of 275 Seeds / $4.55

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#2015 Silver Queen White Sweet Corn: 88 - 92 days
Requested by name at farm stands from coast to coast, Silver Queen set the standard for late summer sweet corn. The huge, 8-9” ears have small, white, meltingly tender kernels with that good old-fashioned “corny” flavor. Grows 7’ to 9’ tall. (F1).

Packet of 275 Seeds / $4.55

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#2020 Honey Select Yellow Sweet Corn: 79 days
Indian corn, the predecessor and genetic relative of modern sweet corn, was a staple food of the Aztecs and Incas. Many years of hybridization has resulted in the tender sweet varieties that we enjoy today. If you prefer yellow corn, with super-sweet flavor, Honey Select beats them all. It was the hands-down winner at the trial grounds last year. With butter dripping onto our chins, we exclaimed loudly that we’d never eaten better yellow sweet corn! Honey Select produces uniformly slender 8” cobs, 2” in diameter. (F1.)

Packet of 275 Seeds / $4.35

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#2025 Jubilee Yellow Sweet Corn: 85 days
This classic sweetie has gorgeous, golden-yellow kernels on plump 9″ ears hold well on the stalk and don’t need to be picked all at once. (F1.)

Packet of 275 Seeds / $4.55

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